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On the "Web Tools" page of this site, we offer an instant and free Dark Web scan plugin.  The plugin we use is an impressive solution which checks one of the best dark web resources available and displays instant results.  However, this plugin is not nearly as comprehensive or thorough as our FREE Bear Essentials Dark Web Scan.  The Bear Essentials Dark Web Scan consists of thorough scans of multiple resources performed by an actual employee of Black Bear MSSP.  From my experience, our Bear Essentials Dark Web Scan usually returns many more positive results than the free plugin that we offer.   

Please submit your email address, and we will contact you regarding the scope and expectations of your FREE scan.  There is no obligation to purchase anything, but we do need to request some information and explain the expectations and limitations of the scan.  Upon completion of the scan, the results of our search will be delivered to you, in full, without redaction or limitation, and without any obligation to pay for this service.

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