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Network Security

When it comes to network security, it is easy for small to medium sized businesses to say “not me”, “they are only after the big guys.” The reality is that attacks on all networks have been increasing year after year as hackers have become more sophisticated, and small businesses are being affected every day by relaxed or non-existent security policies.  And even if  you are NOT the target, it's easy to become collateral damage.  Tuna fisherman don't target dolphins, but they still wind up in their net.  

A 2022 study showed that 1 in every 5 small businesses networks would be compromised. With the ever-increasing technological advances, it is likely that this statistic will only increase in the future and that YOU may become a victim of a potential breach, lost or stolen data, or some type of malicious threat.

There are a number of ways Black Bear MSSP can protect businesses in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.  Here are just a few:

  • Updates - Keeping computers and network equipment updated is one of the most effective steps to preventing a possible network security issue.
  • Firewall - A common mistake in small to medium business networks is the lack of a business grade firewall solution. Often business owners are unaware of the difference between an ISP router and a true network firewall.
  • Passwords - Password and password protection are proving to be an area that needs attention when discussing network security. Using sophisticated software and tools, hackers are easily gaining access to small business networks through simple or default passwords
  • Antivirus/Antispam - Most people know that antivirus and antispam software are necessary components of network security, but many people don’t realize why its so important until their computer or network is infected with a virus, malware, spyware, or a host of other potentially dangerous threats.
  • Vulnerability Assessments - Ongoing and continuing vulnerablity scans of your network that allow us to patch security holes before a hacker can find them.  Vulnerabilites will always exist in any operating system or application, but we can scan for and resolve them before they lead to a compromise.
  • Training - This is the most SIGNIFICANT component of any Cybersecurity plan.  Let us train your employees to identify threats so that they can detect them BEFORE clicking on that infected link or that malicious email attachment! 

No matter the size of your business, having a comprehensive Cybersecurity plan is a requirement for every business in the digital age. If you are unsure of where to start with an internal security audit, or building a comprehensive Cybersecurity plan, contact us for a FREE consultation! 

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