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Google Calendar Update



Have you heard about the newest productivity feature from Google?

Google Calendar has a fresh update that's bound to simplify your life, especially for those embracing the hybrid work model.

Think back to 2021 when they introduced the capability to share your work location. Well, they've enhanced it.

Now, you can designate various locations on any particular day. So, whether you're transitioning between your home and the office or on the move as a field worker, Google has your back.

Imagine this scenario: you're at the office for the morning, then you head to a client in the afternoon. With this addition, your team will always know your whereabouts.

Google aims to optimize our work efficiency. Recognizing that many are either remote working or balancing between office and home, this feature is tailored for the hybrid workforce.

This feature is exclusively available for Workspace account holders, including:

    • Google Workspace Business Standard/Plus
    • Enterprise Standard/Plus
    • Education Fundamentals/Standard/Plus
    • The Teaching and Learning Upgrade
    • Nonprofits

However, those with personal accounts will have to wait a bit longer.

By default, the work location feature will be active. But if you'd rather keep your location under wraps (we all need a little quiet time), you can effortlessly turn it off.

For assistance in maximizing the efficiency of daily tools like calendars and email, don't hesitate to reach out to us at Black Bear MSSP!