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Outlook File Size Update




Ever been frantically attaching a vital file to an urgent email, only to face that all-too-familiar warning: "file too large to send"?

It's maddening, right?

Well, it seems Microsoft has been listening to our collective groans. They've unveiled an update poised to end the 'file too large' dilemma for good.

Surprisingly, this isn't one of those moments where something sounds too good to be true. It's real!

As detailed in an update on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, Microsoft intends to weave Outlook seamlessly with their OneDrive cloud storage. 

The upshot? If your attachment exceeds the permitted size, Outlook will suggest uploading your file to OneDrive, ensuring your recipient still gets it.

Quite ingenious, wouldn’t you agree?

Android users are first in line to enjoy this feature, while the rest can expect it later this month. So, the countdown has begun.

Gone will be the days of having to shrink, adjust, or ditch your big files. No more resorting to external services that might compromise security. Microsoft is setting the stage for a more streamlined email journey.

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