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Microsoft Teams Upgrade




Microsoft is introducing an all-new iteration of Teams, its platform for video conferencing, collaboration, and chat. This update promises a faster and more streamlined work experience—a welcome change for all of us.

The revamped Teams can be likened to a superhero among apps for both Windows and Mac. It boasts a speed that rivals a speeding bullet, clocking in at least twice as fast as the classic version. Additionally, it's on a diet, consuming up to 50% less memory and disk space.

Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board to simplify and enhance Teams. The new version:

- Integrates seamlessly with third-party apps.
- Expands its capabilities for calling phones beyond the Teams ecosystem.
- Gets you into meetings faster than you can utter "not another meeting."

This upgraded Teams leverages innovative technology to share resources with your browser, reducing its memory and disk space requirements. Initial testing has shown that it loads the app, joins meetings, and switches between chats and channels in half the time.

And the good news isn't limited to Windows users; Teams on Mac is also benefiting from this performance boost.

Microsoft assures that this update will be a game-changer for your productivity. They've refined the user interface, adding a "mark all as read" feature in activity. Moreover, they're introducing Copilot, an AI assistant capable of summarizing key points from your chats and calls—a virtual assistant without the coffee runs.

Are you ready to transition to the enhanced Teams experience? It's rolling out now. Simply check the top left corner of your Teams app. If you spot "try the new Teams," you can flip the switch and give it a go.

Should you require assistance with Teams for your business, don't hesitate to reach out to Black Bear MSSP.