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Cell Phone Attestation




Oops! Left your work phone at the cafe? Don't fret!

We've all been there – searching frantically in pockets, bags, and even under couch cushions, only to realize that "Eureka!" moment. The work phone's at the coffee shop. 

But hey, it's not the end of the world! Sure, it's not just about the device, but all those confidential work documents and passwords saved on it. In the wrong hands? Yikes!

But here's some good news: Microsoft and Samsung are have a solution!  This month, they're unveiling a super-cool tool to secure all Samsung Galaxy devices used at work. 

Wondering how?

On-device attestation!  Think of it as your phone's personal bodyguard! 🛡️

Samsung’s bringing its top-notch software and hardware magic, and Microsoft’s tagging along with its A-game in endpoint management.

And the cherry on top? Unlike other security tools that need internet and cloud connections, this solution is like a dependable friend, always there for you, no matter if you're online or off. 

Soon, it'll be integrated with Microsoft Intune, an all-in-one endpoint management service perfect for company gadgets and your own BYODs (Bring Your Own Device). And the best part? It’s specially designed for those Samsung Galaxy devices with the "Secured by Knox" badge.

Whether you're hustling at work, chilling at a coffee shop, or unwinding in a quiet cabin, your device's safety is guaranteed. 

Remember, in this digital age, our phones aren’t just chat tools – they're treasure chests of precious info.  And with Microsoft and Samsung teaming up, consider that treasure protected!

If you're keen to boost your device's safety, contact us at Black Bear MSSP!