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Managed Services


Managed IT Services are a crucial component to the success of any business.  The benefits of quality managed IT services are numerous, but the key benefits are proficiency and security. 

Proficiency:  As a managed service provider, Black Bear MSSP, monitors the systems and networks of our clients 24 x 7 x 365.  We monitor thousands of different variables for each device, in real time, from disk and cpu usage, network traffic, event log entries and even each individual sector of all hard drives for all devices.  We compare the live results to baselines that have been built through collecting years of data for each device.  If a CPU or memory is spiking at 98% at 4am, we want to know why.  Is there a virus?  Is there a hardware problem with the PC or server?  If we detect bad sectors on a hard drive, which happens often, we can share that information with our client and schedule a hard drive replacement before the PC or server crashes, thus avoiding unplanned downtime and loss of data.   

Security:  Most threat actors operate outside of normal business hours.  This gives them the ability to traverse freely between systems in a network without detection or interruption.  By monitoring systems in real time, we can detect excessive PC resources being utilized, invalid password entries and even antivirus and security alerts.  If there is a threat actor knocking on your door, or even worse, inside your network we can shut them down instantly, before they have had time to initiate major damage or loss of data.  

If you want to focus on growing your business, and sleep securely at night knowing that your data and network are safe, reach out to Black Bear MSSP.  We can offer you a free demonstration of how our services work and discuss all of the benefits of our Managed IT and Managed Cybersecurity solutions!